Oriental Dreams

Oriental Dreams

It is a match-three game with a elaborate storyline and nice graphics
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You’ve probably heard of Candy Crush Saga, the world-wide famous name that surpassed Farmville as the most popular game on Facebook. Well, the gameplay of Oriental Dreams is based on the same main task as the gameplay of Candy Crush Saga: you have to clear the board of colored elements by creating matches of three or more. After all, both of these games are variations of the well-known match-three game type (Bejeweled is another famous example of such games). Anyway, there are plenty of differences between these two games.

First of all, Oriental Dreams comes with a much more elaborate storyline. I didn’t find it particularly intriguing or captivating, but it’s a nice touch that can appeal to many users. It’s a book of memories that lacks runes which will help the amnesia-suffering main character remember who she is.

Second, the graphics of Oriental Dreams have clearly received plenty of attention from its developers. The game looks really nice despite the simplicity of its gameplay.

Last but not least, gameplay variations are present. Oriental Dreams seems somehow more flexible, as it lets you match the “runes” and “stones” in many different ways, which also means that the game will considerably increase in difficulty as you progress. I really like its challenging part, as it makes the game addictive and avoids it from getting boring.

To conclude, Oriental Dreams has all it takes to please any fan of match-three games.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Gets increasingly difficult as you progress through the game
  • Reasonable price
  • Nice graphics
  • Effective tutorial system based on in-game hints and explanations


  • Moving the elements can be done only by clicking, holding and dragging (clicking the ball and then the desired location won't move the ball)
  • Hints and explanations might keep on appearing even when they are no longer needed
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